July 17, 2014

A television set and educational DVDs were given to the property for use by Rose. The DVDs are of ABCs and how to pronounce the letters. We set the TV in Veronica's class for each class and they follow the proceedings, then after each program the children repeat the alphabet. Children here are enjoying every minute of the program.

Meet little Comfort. He is in school here at the property. He is the brother of Clive and Hector and is the youngest in a family of all boys. These guys are very bright when it comes to school work, and Comfort is no exception. He enjoys counting and drawing.

Comfort with a friend during break time.

Meet Victor Mulenga who is in Grade Six at Government school. He is in the Living Compassion program and comes for extra lessons everyday at the property. He says though he comes from a very poor home he will work very hard to finish school and make his grandmother proud. She has been looking after him for the past eight years after the death of both his parents.

Natasha in her new uniform. It was bought for her by three teachers who put together some money aside, a true gesture of compassion.

The little faces enjoying TV time at the property. There is unusual quietness when they listen to the teacher on the screen.

This is Mr. Banda, who has been selling us the little English books. He came round today in the morning with two new books that we do not have in our library. Here teachers Joy and Veronica check out the books.

July 10, 2014

The small truck that delivers the eggs to the property. Good news is that the egg company is from within Ndola and it is easy to have them delivered fresh from the farm. We call them every Monday and they come on Tuesday.

Theresa and her two friends smile for the camera as I went round all the classes to say hello to them.

Veronica chatting with Joy, who is helping carry the eggs. Wonder what they were discussing! Check out the T shirt that Veronica is wearing—is it not coooool?

Peanut butter for our rice being prepared. It is easy to make and very nutritious. Let me tell you the recipe: For three people, 1 cup of rice, 5 tablespoons peanut butter, pinch of salt. Boil the rice until tender, add the peanut butter and salt, stir until well mixed. Serve either hot or cold. Try it, it's yummy!

Teacher Joy preparing work for her students.

The sales lady checking the eggs just to make sure that she does not deliver cracked ones, as here at Living Compassion our eggs are boiled.