It began with a question to Theresa Kapenda, a resident of Kantolomba.

Q: "What would you do if you had money?"
A: "Feed the children"

When we arrived in Ndola, we found a community of 8,000 adults and 3,000 children lacking in all basic services: no safe drinking water, medical care, employment, adequate housing, electricity, or schools. They told us their ideas and dreams for what their community needed. Together we came up with a way to support their ideas for community empowerment.

Feeding children

We started feeding 25 children in August 2005.

Feeding children

We dug a well to provide clean water to the community.


We built a building so children could have a place to eat.


We hired a nurse to provide emergency medical care.


We found teachers in the community to tutor the children.

Roof loans

We launched a roof loan program so the community could weather the rains.



The community started an after school program, vocational training for girls, a tuck shop, an adult education program, and several micro businesses. And today we feed 1,000 children.

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