April 8, 2024

We are all so excited to have Starlink to help us with our new micro economy ventures. Here, Joyce is in the Living Compassion library doing a web search on new hairstyles. She knows how to plait hair and is going to be part of the new hair salon.

Natasha reading with Joyce in the library after gardening.

We had the privilege of seeing Loveness Katongo, who is in training in the Zambian National Service (ZNS). She came to Kantolomba to see her mum who was not feeling well but now is much better. Loveness came to visit Living Compassion before returning to her training the next day. The ZNS is a very good, national training program for young people. After two years of general training, they can choose to train in the career of their choice.

Mirriam and Esther, two of our nurses, also help out in the garden when they have no patients to attend to. We all like to pitch in everywhere!

Martha, one of the senior cooperative members, demonstrating to the girls how to prepare the land for our new garden for growing vegetables for market.

Natasha hoeing around the rocks.

Zambia's economy is bad, and it is hard to afford basic necessities. Each coop member receives two bags of mealie meal each month to supplement their family's food supply. Here we are all assisting to unload the truck.

We are all singing, as there is so much excitement and gratitude for this offering!

This is Ronika, cooperative member JoAnne’s daughter. She is all grown up and in Grade 8 at Twatemwa school here in Kantolomba.

The girls love coming home from school and getting on the internet to learn more about what they were studying in school that day. Yay for Starlink!