For a while we've been looking at the employment situation in Kantolomba. As our girls have begun finishing their education, several earning degrees in nursing or teaching, it felt like employment would be available. But that hasn't been the case as employment options are few, and there is a long line of people waiting. What do we do? Who can we find to help us figure this out? Where can we go?
Well, it turns out, we didn’t need to go far at all—we didn’t even need to leave Kantolomba!
"We'd like to build a garden. How can we approach that?" 
"Younger Foster, on our team, she has the experience. She has her own garden, and she can lead the girls."
"What about a salon for hair? Would that be something we could explore?"
 "Yes. Mirriam, who is on our team, she does my hair. She can teach."
"How will we handle not overloading electricity? Is there an electrician who could evaluate that?"
"Yes, one of our security guards is a qualified electrician, he can help us."
"We're going to need a building to contain all of these different shops."
"No problem, my nephew is a civil engineer, and he can draw up the building design."
In The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy asks Glinda for help getting back home. Glinda tells Dorothy that she's always had in her the ability to return home, she just needed to learn it.
In Theresa’s words, “I remember when we started years ago, I told myself I would believe in myself. As we start this project, we should believe in ourselves that we can do it!”
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