Cheri talks about how a wise person once said to her: "I predict you will always have a small and mature Sangha." One of the great benefits of this (and perhaps reasons for it) is that Practice meets each of us, as practitioners, where we are in our own practice. We receive exactly what we need, precisely what we are ready for. 

A recent photo Theresa sent is a reminder of how true this is in the project in Kantolomba as well. 

Last fall, we learned that Docus, the daughter of cooperative member Audria, had developed cancerous sores over her body that were causing her a significant amount of pain. To allow the doctors to treat the cancer, Docus' immune system would need to strengthen, and that meant improving her diet. 

The doctor provided a nutrition plan, part of which called for more fruits (apples, pears, oranges). Fruits would provide much-needed Vitamin C and boost Docus' immune system. Docus did not have access to fruits as part of her regular diet as fruits in Kantolomba are expensive. Theresa told us about this in one of our weekly calls.

We told "Mama Cheri" about it.

This is what this child, one of more than a thousand, who may or may not survive the cancer, needs in this moment. A line-item in the monthly budget for Kantolomba now reads “Fruit for Docus.”

When Docus was first diagnosed, she shared with Theresa that because of her poor health, she couldn't take her Grade 9 exams so she could go into Grade 10. Docus was particularly sad about this.

It has been a year since Docus has been focusing on her health and nutrition plan. "Docus is doing much better," Theresa said in an update. "With the stipend she gets for fruit and medical needs, she is so happy. This year, she is taking her Grade 9 examination!”