The trips we make to Kantolomba involve a lot of different activities. We head out to the property daily, interact with the wonderful community of children, get to know the girls in the Girls program, meet with the cooperative to discuss the work and what we are all seeing, and go into the city for a variety of errands.  It’s a jam-packed trip.
Almost every trip, there is a game we play -- Netball!  I can’t recall how it started and became a tradition, but almost every time we are there, someone gets a ball and before you know it, we are all joining in!
The first time I joined a game, I didn’t really know what the rules were or how to proceed.  I had a sense of who was on my team and that I was supposed to get the ball to my team members,  while making sure the other team didn’t get the ball.  Turns out, that was about all I needed to know!  During the game, I could feel all the joyous energy running through the body, hear the laughter and the groans, and soak in the beauty and fun of being with this group.  Just being present to all of it.  
There weren’t any scores being kept as far as I could tell, and everyone was invited to participate.  It was all of us together, playing the game, as one.  This is the spirit of the work in Kantolomba -- the many individuals who come together as one, as teammates and partners to support this amazing and inspiring community.
The goal of this year’s campaign is to raise $80,000.  That is one thousand $80 donations, one for each of the 1,000 children that are fed daily.  To date, we have raised 338 of those one thousand $80 donations! Just 662 to go. Learn more about the campaign and how you can participate here.  And perhaps, when you have a moment, go outside and throw a ball around or take a moment to engage in a loved activity that invites in that sense of play and fun or learn a brand new one! 
In gasshō,

Some of our girls in Kantolomba playing Netball. 
They take it up to a whole other level!