Susan Mwila is a young woman who has been part of the Girls Program since its inception. She cannot walk and uses a wheelchair. She participates in all of the activities of the Living Compassion property because of community; friends are always around to take each of the four corners of her chair anytime they are headed somewhere she cannot get to on her own.
Susan left the academic track some years ago and went to tailoring school. After graduating, Susan set up shop on the Living Compassion property doing small tailoring jobs. Theresa often mentions the joy she feels at seeing Susan thriving in her adult life. 
One recent morning, Theresa arrived at the property to find Susan absent. “They moved,” one of the cooperative members explained.  Susan and her elderly grandmother, who took care of her, had moved to a cousin’s place as the grandmother could no longer care for Susan on her own.
Theresa and some members of the cooperative visited Susan to investigate the possibility of transporting her back to Living Compassion each day. They want Susan to continue her sewing, and more than that they want Susan to be part of her community.
“The cousin’s house is very far from the road. It’s connected to the road only by a rocky footpath; it’s very hard to get the wheelchair over that distance,” Theresa reported back to us on our weekly call. “I’m also worried about her nutrition; I don’t think she is getting enough to eat.”
We sat, in silence. What now, Life?   
It’s such an extraordinary process to watch—there is a deep sense of sadness at the situation but an even greater sense of trust. What we know about the team in Kantolomba, the team of the Sangha of Living Compassion, is it doesn’t quit. 
There is faith that Life will provide a way forward. 
In this case, it was a matter of minutes. One idea led to another, and by the end of the call with Theresa we had a proposal. One more call to “Mama Cheri,” and we had a plan. The Living Compassion cooperative is going to build Susan and her grandmother a small home to sit up on a hill on the Living Compassion property. They will make the bricks right there at the property. Living Compassion will fund the tin roofing sheets. 
Not only will Susan rejoin the community, she and her grandmother will be far better supported than they were before this move happened.
Thank you, team. Thank you, Life.