Things in Kantolomba are abustle as the strategic conversations to expand the projects begin to move from ideas to reality. We offer this update accompanied by the photos and captions sent by Theresa and the team. 

Almost immediately, as we began strategic conversations -- frequently interrupted by the ubiquitous “Can you hear us now?” -- we realized, faster, stronger, more reliable internet was a must. Imagine our delight to read in THAT DAY’S edition of the Times of Zambia that satellite internet had JUST arrived in Zambia. Yes!

No less miraculous, we ordered it and tracked the shipment as the equipment made its way from the warehouse in southern California, to Ndola, Zambia, in less than a week! 

A day later Theresa and the team had it installed. We are getting some big green lights from Life!

The team prepares to install the internet satellite dish. 

Up it goes.


This email message from Theresa was the first official transmission with the new signal: “We are out here in Kantolomba sending these photos and the signal is 100 percent perfect! There is excitement here, thank you so much; it is life-changing!”

The girls were thrilled to come in after school, hop on the internet, and discover they would learn more about what they had been doing that very day in school.


Our four nursing graduates have started their rotations at the property.  Among the four of them, there is medical consultation available every day at Living Compassion. 

Rachel, one of our very own nurses, looks up some health information to assist one of the community members with a chronic illness.

In another project, the cooperative has begun clearing the land for a garden to provide vegetables for the new grocery store. 

Younger Foster has much experience with gardening as she has long planted her own plot of land to grow and sell vegetables.

Weeds, and more weeds!

Every family in Kantolomba owns a hoe. We all bring them in on our work days and enjoy pitching in. 

The economy has taken a turn for the worse.This has driven up commodity prices.  It is challenging for people to make ends meet. To help families get by, Living Compassion is providing supplemental mealie meal, the staple food in Zambia.

The truck arrives with the mealie meal.

There’s a  lot of it!

Co-op members John and Malila off-load the bags.

Soon everyone joins in!

Mirriam makes sure the stack is lined up perfectly for easy counting.

There is grand celebration!

We say THANK YOU SO MUCH in our traditional way—twakunkula—we bow and roll on the ground in gratitude for the wonderful gift from life.

There is so much gratitude that we are a family who helps each other when things are difficult. 

And of course we sing! 

And our hearts sing with joy in seeing the photos, in reading Theresa’s words, in celebrating this new, exciting phase of the project. 

Meanwhile, it’s remarkable to remember that amidst all of the growing endeavors, the team continues to be there seven days a week nourishing over 1,000 children, doing the work of leading a healthy, happy community, they have engaged in for nearly two decades.

We invite you to visit Theresa’s blog on the Africa website to read about those everyday miraculous goings-on.

And join us for a glorious day of At-Home Working Meditation on March 30; all proceeds from that day fund every one of the activities featured above and many more!