We’ve often shared that Kantolomba is a very special community in the way they support each other and come together from a place of deep care and love. If someone needs assistance, whoever can offer or provide it will do so. They all have big hearts or “Umutima usuma,” in Bemba. Theresa is the leading example of this, and you can see that same quality in Memory, the youngest member of the cooperative, who was adopted by Theresa.

Memory and Theresa

Memory was orphaned in her early teenage years. A neighbor took her in for a short time but was unable to continue with care. When Older Foster, a cooperative member, let Theresa know that Memory had no family and no place to sleep, what did Theresa do? Make her part of her very own family.
Memory started attending school again. She did really well academically and decided to become a teacher. Memory is shy, but comes alive when she is around children. She recently graduated from teaching school, passing her final exams with flying colors! As Theresa shared with us, Memory is “over the moon” after receiving her final exam scores.
Who knows what’s next for Memory. Possibly she’ll follow in the remarkable footsteps of Theresa as a leader within the community. It will be fun to see what happens as she continues her journey. What we do know is that Memory carries that same big heart as Theresa. Umutima usuma!