At least once a year a group of Living Compassion staff travels to Africa

At least once a year a group of Living Compassion staff travels to Africa to take the next steps in the Africa Vulnerable Children Project. It is always a life-changing experience.

Experiencing the African culture has transformed us. Even in the face of extremely difficult circumstances, the people we encounter have a joy and enthusiasm for life that is truly inspiring. 

On these trips we celebrate the things that have been accomplished since our previous trip and hold meetings to put the next phase of the projects in place.

July 2012

For this trip we launched the English pilot program for 3- and 4-year-olds and expanded our school lunch program. There was a lot of effort by everyone to get the new classroom ready. Before we left we found a teacher for the new program. As always, we witnessed the heroism of the women who pull off the feat of feeding 800 children every day.

November 2011

On this trip we saw the many projects that happen every day: feeding 800 children, the cleaning and upkeep of the property, the work of our nurse Rose with a group of teen and pre-teen girls, the sewing project, the production of stoves, and much more.

July 2011

The unofficial theme for this trip, and for this time in our practice, seems to be "participation." This was reflected in all of the projects: skirts, shirts, and meditation pants made by the Living Compassion sewing team, carpentry and painting projects at the property, as well as discussions about the future of the project.