Welcome to Playtime in Kantolomba!


Jumping for joy

“Children need the freedom to play. Play is not a luxury. Play is a necessity”
—Kay Redfield Jamieson


Laughter, chatter, singing… this is what we see when we walk onto the Living Compassion property in Kantolomba. The miracle of this project is that children can come together here to play, to have their childhood.

This year, our campaign introduces us to the ways the kids in our community play, and offers us the opportunity to get past the seriousness of ego and have fun! The campaign’s theme is inspired by Theresa Kapenda’s book Playtime in Kantolomba. Kick off the campaign by reading this delightful story of kids at play in our community. Listen to Theresa reading Playtime in Kantolomba.

The campaign includes an email class with Cheri Huber that explores our relationhip to Having Fun. The four-week class runs from September 16 to October 16. There will be weekly assignments and a call-in workshop each Sunday (September 25, October 2, 9, 16) to process what we are seeing as we train our fun muscles!

Your registration by donation will help keep happy, healthy children at play in Kantolomba!

In addition to joining in the Playtime in Kantolomba email class, we encourage you to do your own fundraisers. Our goal is to raise $80,000 to cover the cost of providing another year of nutrition, clean water, access to health care and education for over 1000 children.

That’s 1,000 $80 donations! 

How many will you raise?