Sreedevi arrived today; the team in now complete!

Back at the airport.

Theresa spots Sreedevi waving to us from across the tarmac!

The downpour began just in time for passengers to emerge from customs.

Sreedevi appeared!

The jacket that just 24 hours earlier provided warmth in a blizzard, now comes in handy to provide shelter from a summer cloudburst.

Theresa and Joy joined us for lunch back at the lodge. We had a very helpful conversation about the girls program, laying out the steps we want to take in the next few days. A couple of weeks always flies by when there is the robust, inspiring work of supporting 1,000 children in challenging circumstances so it is always great to have a game plan!

Lunch at the lodge

It rained so hard towards the end of our lunch that we were “forced” to have a cup of tea as well since it was impossible for Theresa and Joy to drive or even for us to walk the 3 yards back into the guest house without getting drenched!


Much fun work awaits us tomorrow!