We woke up on our last day with deep gratitude for our experience and a wish that it wouldn’t end. Then we remembered that there is always an invitation to participate in life and that gratitude is a process. "Yes" and "thank you" can be practiced on any continent!

Gratitude for the beautiful grounds of Katuba Lodge

"Thank you" to our home over the past two weeks!

After packing our things, we had one last business meeting with Theresa to tie up loose ends and to ensure we are all set with technology. The ability to have multiple people in multiple locations communicate with one another over Skype means we can keep the momentum of the project in a way we have not always been able to. Theresa now has portable wifi, which will enable us to communicate from the US directly with the team at the Living Compassion property (audio and video options!)

We also discussed the infinite educational resources on the World Wide Web and took a spin through some sites we recommended.

Sreedevi gives some direction on navigating the web. We really enjoyed “Sesame Street Africa!”

After a lengthy check in at the Ndola Airport, we went for a walk outside. Yes, the airport is so small one can easily leave and reenter. In just a few minutes of walking from the front door, we find ourselves in the beautiful landscape that is Zambia. The scene was so moving it inspired this month’s Africa newsletter article.

As we come to the end of another incredibly fabulous trip—yes, the best one ever—we offer our gratitude to you for being with us on the journey. Similar to Recording and Listening practice, there is something fundamental added to the experience by taking the time to pause each day and chronicle what happened. On the days when we hear a “I don’t feel like it” voice, knowing you will be on the other end reading and, we hope, enjoying what we write gives us the enthusiasm to continue on. And we are always so grateful we did!

Until the next trip, remember that you can stay up to date with the weekly goings-on through the regular photos the team sends.

Even as we board our plane to depart…

The miraculous work in Kantolomba goes right on.

Deep Gassho to All who participate to make this work possible.

Twatotella and shalenipo

(Thank you and goodbye.)